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Robot Flexible Forming System

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

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Robot Flexible Forming System

Robot flexible production line is mainly composed of five parts: automated pug slicer,

mold transfer, robotic arm, intelligent roller head machine and drying system. 

First of all, the pug roll is automatically conveyed to the trench of the slice cutting

machine, moved forward by the pushing device, and cut into the required size and

thickness of the pug slice. Then, the pug slice is put into/onto the mould, and the mould

with the slice is transferred to the roller head machine by a robotic arm for forming

process. After forming, the mould with greenware is transferred to the dyer for hot air

drying and at the same time the mould which had been de-moulded on the dryer is also

transferred back to the slice supply station by the same manipulator arm. All of the

machines are coordinated with one another to make the cycle of the forming process

smooth and consistent. 

Through our development and experiment of intelligently automated forming

equipment for dinnerware, the automatic slice cutting system, robotic arm auto-

adjusting and transferring device are introduced in the forming process to realize the

substitution of heavy workload and technical workforce. The flexible system is also are-

engineering combination of the ordinary roller head machine and drying system in

ceramics factories, which is capable of replacing the manual works by automatically

taking and releasing moulds, conveying and cutting pug rolls, placing slices on the

moulds and forming greenware articles thanks to the interconnection of robotic arm and

automated pug roll and slice supply system. We can benefit from the intelligent forming

and dryer to decrease the workload of labors, improve the working environment, reduce

the risks of any unstable labor force or difficult recruitment, etc. so as to lower the

overall operating costs and increase production efficiency.



· Auto Pug Roll Feeding.

· Auto Slice Cutting & Placing.

· Robotic Arm & Transferring.

· Auto Mold Taking & Releasing.

· Intelligent Roller Forming.

· Robotic Auto-adjusting Servo System.

· Decrease in Workforce & Improvement on Output.