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Re-engineering of Old-fashioned Units

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

With the decrease in demographic dividend,

the popularization of intelligent knowledge,

and the improvement in cost-performance of

products, the future demand for plant re-

engineering will be growing dramatically

worldwide. The improvement of the intelligent

level of each process also provides the basis

for the development of the Internet of Things.



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Re-engineering of Old-fashioned Units


The coming of Industry 4.0 is going to make everything possible. In the changeable

international economic environment, Hiphoenix concentrates on forward-looking and

innovative technological application to discover any possible demands from customers,

especially for those prospective customers which are eager to upgrade their existing

production facilities for the purpose of maintaining their competitiveness and reducing

their overall operative costs. We are glad to have assisted many ceramics factories

worldwide to complete the re-engineering of their production processes and workshps

so that they can make a great leap forward from the out-of-date operation. With

Hiphoenix’s expertise of integrated application of professional ceramics understanding

and new intelligent technology, customers will find the feasibility of plant re-

engineering is easily achievable.

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