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Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

HSTS can provides services of customized factory design, process improvement, process automation solutions, technical assistance, personnel training, MRO purchasing integration, and MES construction.

Ceramic whole plant turnkey engineering services global operators

Global Provider of One-Stop Service for Ceramic Smart Factory

Customized Design of factory & Integrated Solution Services for Dinnerware / Sanitaryware Manufacturers

Providing more efficient and intelligent ceramic production process layout and construction according to the actual customers’ demands.

Smart Factory Construction

Integration of MES/ERP applied in ceramic production.

Process Improvement & Intelligentization

Re-engineer out-of-date operation process with intelligent improvement on machinery and production lines for ceramics factories.

Technical Support & Training

Assisting ceramics factories in equipment operation, production process and production problem solving.

Supply of Raw Materials and Production Tools

Providing ceramics factories worldwide production raw materials and auxiliary tools with stable quality and reliable reputation.

International Customized Ceramics & Sales Services

Assisting customers to customize, develop or sell ceramic products.
Equipment Manufacturing and Application Technology Integration

Ceramic Equipment Manufacturer

Design and Manufacturing for Intelligent Casting, Drying & Glazing Equipment

Providing Intelligent casting, glazing and drying system or equipment for diversified ceramic production processes

Application and Integration of Manipulator Robot Technology & Ceramic Production

Providing installation and practical application of industrial manipulator robots in ceramic production units.

Intelligent Automation for Roller / Ram-press / Mould-making / Sponging / Decoration / Kiln

Intelligence and automation updating of existing production equipment or production lines in ceramic factories, such as forming, mould-making, fettling, sponging, kiln, decal and painting, etc.

Integration of Manipulator Robot Application, VI System & Automatic Production Lines

To further improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, manipulator robots and sensor identifiers can be cooperated with the automated production process.

Personalized Machines

Automated or semi-automated Equipment can be designed to meet the needs of different ceramic production processes according to customer requirements.

Second-hand Purchase, Renew & Sale of Brand-name Ceramic Equipment

Customer services for out-of-date ceramic equipment.

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