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Successful Case of Ceramic Tableware Plant

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

1.Material Preparation

Auto Material Proportion & Conveying System

Ball Mill, Slurry Magnetic Separation & Vibro-sieve

Auto Filter Press & Vacuum Pug Mill

Robot Palletizer & AGV System


2.Mold Preparation

Model Sculpting & Master Mold Making Machine

Paris of Plaster Storage & Conveying

Auto Plaster Feeding and Mixing System

Plaster Pouring & Mold Making Production Line

Production Mold Drying Room


3.Greenware Forming

Ram-Press Production Line

Roller Machine for Irregular Shapes

Intelligent Roller Machine

Auto Roller Forming Production Line

Fully Automatic Tableware Manufacturing System

Robot Flexible Roller Forming System


4.Greenware Casting

Clay Slip Vacuum & Agitating Storage Tank

Ring Type Centrifugal Casting Machine

Truss-type Auto Centrifugal Casting Line

Auto Casting Production Line

Pressure Casting Turntable Workbench

Auto Pressure Casting Machine

Robotic Pressure Casting Production Line


5.Drying Facility

Intelligent Drying Room

Multi-layer Conveying Dryer

Channel Type Conveying Dryer

Back-pack High-Speed Dryer

Energy-efficient Chain Type Dryer

Hanging Type High Speed Dryer


6.Greenware Fettling & Sponging

Clayware Fettling Machine

Double-headed Cup Trimming Machine

Semi-auto Handle Attacher

Cup Rim Sponging Machine

Cup Rim Sponging Line

Auto Edge Sponging Machine

Multi-station Auto Edge Sponging Machine

Edge Sponging Machine for Irregular Shapes

Robotic Edge Sponging Machine



Successful Case of Ceramic Tableware Plant



HIPHOENIX is a global provider of turn-key services for ceramic factories, and specializes in customized factory design & re-engineering, process improvement & automation, technical assistance & training, MRO, MES construction, and integration services of internationally qualified intelligent equipment & automated process solution.



HIPHOENIX Factory Design & Integration Services-


Production Module:

Ordinary operation process & semi-auto assistance

Some parts of auto & semi-auto application in process

Most parts of robotic & automated process integration


Type of Body:

Fine Bone China

New Bone

Fine Porcelain




Technical Support for Production:

Clay Material Preparation & Slip Making

Model & Mold Production

Greenware Forming & Fettling/Sponging

Biscuit (Bisque) Firing, Glost Firing & Decal Firing

Glaze Slip Making & Glazing Application

Decal Application, Painting & Gold-banding (Gold-gilding)


State-of-the-art Production Process Arrangement:



7.Glazing Process

Inner Glazing

Auto Outer Glaze Dipping

Robotic Outer Glaze Dipping

Multi-station Outer & Inner Glazing Line

Robotic Glaze Dipping Line

Ring Type Auto Glaze Pouring Line

Multi-station Auto Glaze Pouring

Double Color Glazing Line

Glaze Spraying Turntable
Manipulator Glaze Spraying Machine

Auto Glaze Spraying Production Line

Robotic & VI Glaze Spraying Studio

Dynamic Flow & Pressure Control System

Auto Ware Transfer & Foot De-glazing

Liquid Glaze Supply & Reclaimed System


8.Painting & Decal Application

Auto Gold and Pigment Banding

One Color Pad Printing Machine

Total Transfer Pad Printing Machines

Robotic Total Transfer Pad Printing Machine

Decal Application & Dry Conveying Production Line


9.Kiln & Firing

Shuttle Kiln

Electric Kiln

LPG/LNG Tunnel Kiln

LPG/LNG Roller Kiln

Electric Roller Kiln


10.Grinding, Polishing & Dedusting

Vibratory Polishing Machine

Rapid Ware Washing and Drying Line

Auto Conveying Washer and Dryer

Auto Foot Grinding Machine

Double Bench Beltit

Cyclone Dust Collector

Dust Collector with Filter Cartridges


11.Transportation & Storage

Belt Conveyor

Double Plus Conveyor Chain

Cycling Conveying Line w/ Multi-tier Tray Trolley

AGV & ASRS System

Overhead Conveyor System




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