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Intelligent Roller Head Machine

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

In order to adapt to multiple variety and

small batch production, our company has

designed and manufactured a new

generation of intelligent roller head machine

after carefully research and experiments. It

can be used for the production of various

kinds of cups, plates and bowls. Under the



Detail display


Intelligent Roller Head Machine


system of human-computer interface and through the adjustment of PLC data and

intelligent encoder, it is easily and quickly for us to set the speed of the roller head,

vertical shaft, the rapid or slow feeding, and the rolling time so that we don’t need to

replace the belt pulley or adjust the machine in trouble. That is, it simplifies the process

of forming operation and improves efficiency and saving cost for batch production.

Moreover, the data is intuitively clear and has an effective lifetime memory. When we

change back the same product next time, we can just push the button for retrieving the

same suitable setting without re-adjusting or re-setting. If any discrepancy occurred

among the clay hardness or mould moisture, it is also convenient for us to do a minor


The Intelligent roller head machine make a leap for the forming process from manual to

intelligently-computed adjustment.