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  • 3. 产品欣赏参考- 动物像 figurine(1).jpg
  • 1. 产品欣赏参考- 浮雕花瓶 carved vase(1).jpg
  • 2. 产品欣赏参考- 特色花瓶  vase(1).jpg
  • 4. 产品欣赏参考- 珠宝盒 jewel box(1).jpg
  • 5. 产品欣赏参考- 茶叶罐 canisters(1).jpg
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  • 7. 产品欣赏参考- 展示盘 show plate(1).jpg


Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

Hiphoenix has stably cooperative resources

of qualified and professional ceramics

manufacturers and can assist customers to

develop and make different kinds of

personalized ceramic giftware or tableware



Detail display


Craft products


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