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Auto Production Line with Robotic Manipulator & Visual Identification System

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

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The main function of automatic production line is to improve production efficiency and

quality, save labor costs and promote the efficient development of factories. In

accordance with the production process, the automatic production line uses storage

and transmission devices to connect special automated and auxiliary mechanical

equipment in order to form an independently controlled production system. On the

busis of automation production process and comprehensive observation and analysis of

the production operation, adopting robotic collaboration device and visual

identification system can make it upgraded to be a Robot and Visual Identity Auto

Production Line.


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Auto Production Line with Robotic

Manipulator & Visual Identification System



Machine Vision System includes illumination, high-speed

camera, image acquisition card and other devices. Through

machine vision (image acquisition devices), the captured

objects are converted into image signals, which are

transmitted to a special image processing system, and the

shape information of the captured objects is obtained. That

is, according to the information of pixel distribution,

brightness and color, the captured objects are converted

into digital signals such as area, number, location and

length, and then the result outputs from the preset

permissibility and other conditions, including size, angle,

number, qualified/unqualified, yes/no, etc. to realize the

automatic identification function.


The Image System carries out various operations on these signals to extract the features

of the target, and then controls the action of devices according to the result of

discrimination. The most basic characteristic of Machine Vision System is to improve the

flexibility and automation of production. In the repetitive mass production process,

Machine Vision detection method can greatly improve the efficiency and automation.

Moreover, Machine Vision is easy to complete information integration, which is the basic

technology to realize computer integrated manufacturing. No matter Machine Vision

System or sensing technology, the robot can be guided to operate and act in a wide

range or in a small range. Robot and Visual Identity Auto Production Line can be used in

ceramic production, such as forming & drying line, decoration & glazing line, classified

and categorized conveying of articles, image-based automatic quality inspection of

articles and so on, in order to further upgrade the production efficiency and quality of