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Auto Double Color Glazing Production Line

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

Auto Double Color Glazing Production Line

HIPHOENIX designs a brand-new double-colored glazing production system which is installed with some interconnected mechanisms and automated equipment for clayware’s edge-banding, sponging, ware transfer, inner and outer glazing, foot de-glazing, and so on to realize the realistic value of the continuous glazing production process. Through the collaborative method, factory can easily lower the labor cost down and decrease the operation risks of potential human mistakes. The practical cooperation of multi-functional glazing methods can meet the diversification of glaze effects and help dinnerware manufacturers to upgrade their ability for quality, efficiency and output. Most importantly, it can flexibly fit with various glazing-related auto, semi-auto and intelligent machines per customers’ glazing approaches, particularly for multi-color glaze effects.


Multi-functional Edge Sponging Machine

Auto Glaze Pouring

Ware Transfer



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