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Automatic Plaster Feeding and Mixing System

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online


·Material Storage & Mixing Tank

·PLC Control & Human-Computer Interface

·Dedusting & Reclaimed System

·Auto Feeding, Weighing & Proportioning

·Auto Vacuum Mixing

·Auto Washing of Mixing Shaft & Bucket

·Easy Plaster Slurry Pouring Mechanism


In view of the situation that the ordinary ceramic mold-making process is normally labor intensive and difficult in control of dust pollution, HIPHOENIX integrates the models of automation and production line into the mold-making process and works out an advanced and efficient plaster feeding & mixing system. The whole system can perform in a more convenient and effective method from the material preparation to mold production, such as the storage of plaster powder, screw conveying, quantitative proportioning, vacuum mixing, control of completion time, agitator and bucket washing, gypsum slurry pouring into the case mold, etc. The capacity and quantity of material storage tank can be designed according to the demand of the factory.


The storage tank is equipped with dust collection cover which is connected with the dust removal device through the pipeline so the problem of dust pollution can be diminished. The plaster powder can be delivered to the feeding chamber by the screw feeder from the bottom of the conical tank, and then directly discharged to the plaster mixing bucket. Then, the weighing sensor can sense the amount of water and plaster powder added to ensure the consistency of the ratio of plaster-water. Through the position detection device and lifting mechanism, the production of plaster slurry can be completed by the four-station automatic operation from receiving the cleaned mixing bucket, batch discharging of powder and water, vacuum mixing, and finally the generation of the gypsum slurry. After the gypsum slurry making, the mixing shaft will be moved to the clean position, and washed by the pressure water.


Most importantly, the auto feeding and mixing system can cooperate with the oblong circular conveyor as a continuous production unit to truly realize the whole process from material preparation to mold-making, which can help the ceramic factory effectively improve output and reduce labor cost.


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Auto Plaster Feeding & Mixing System


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