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Ram-press Production Line

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

Ram-press production line is included of, for instance, a number of ram-press machines,

belt conveyors, some heater and dryer with

low and high temperatures, edge sponging

machines and process lines, etc to become a

continuous clayware processing modle for

oval, rectangular or irregular articles. 


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Ram-press Production Line


According to factory’s manufacturing specification and practical needs, different kinds of conveying or drying mechanism and sponging machines can be also added into the

whole production line as another kind of collaborative system in order to complete the

process of ram-press, drying, fettling, sponging and washing in a continuous production

process with reasonable pace. The advantages of the arrangement can reduce as many

as pending stocks of clayware, save the clayware storage space and improve the

production efficiency than the normal scattered working units.


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