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Intelligent Drying Room

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

Drying room can be used to dry moulds and

greenwares in ceramic dinnerware and

sanitary industries. With the human-

computer interface and PLC controller, the

German-designed conical dryer can make air

blow sufficiently. Its unique 45 degrees

upward-sloping blowing of hot air can be


Detail display


Intelligent Drying Room



Plaster Mould Drying Room


Constructed Gas Hot-blast Stove


Horizontal Gas Hot-blast Stove


Intelligent Drying Room


flown to each corner of space. Compared with traditional drying room, the new type of

drying room can decrease drying time by 30~50%, and reduce cracking rate of

greenwares by 50~80%.