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Energy-efficient Chain Type Dryer

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

The equipment has the functions of reversible

delivery, omnidirectional static pressure air

supply, positioning drying, which can make air

flow, temperature and humidity relatively

balanced. Moreover, in order to meet the

requirements of temperature and humidity at

different stages of the process, the equipment



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Energy-efficient Chain Type Dryer



is installed with time-delay humidity released channels and hot air control valve to

ensure the better yield of products. 

The main drive system has the high torque planetary cycloidal gear reducer, and the

speed can be adjusted in certain range through frequency converter. In addition, the

adoption of PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoroethylene) wheels can prevent greenwares from iron

contamination and make the movement more smooth, reliable and noiseless.

The heat sources can come from hot blast stove or from kiln waste heat. In order to save energy, adjust humidity and improve heat

utilization efficiency, we designed unique internal hot air circulation system that can bring hot and humid air from back to front chamber

to reduce the possibility of body cracks during demould drying and to improve the drying efficiency. The excess heat from the front

chamber can be also return to the hot blast stove for recycling.