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High-speed Backpacked Dryer

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

Referring to European dryer design, we

developed a new type of dryer based on the

actual ceramic production requirement in China.

The air circulation system is adopted by the

advanced German internal circulation air

blowing method called “jet drying”.

Compared with high-speed hanging dryer, this


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High-speed Backpacked Dryer 


kind of dryer is more convenient for the changes of items due to its swing tray bucket

structure for both demould drying and greenware drying.

Besides, the period of time for mould drying can be last longer to avoid any greenware

distortion, and the design for the greenware drying has double layer tray buckets to

increase the capacity of greenwares and create a better moisture release. The

electromagnetic speed controller is also used for both demould and greenware drying.