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Automatic Glaze Pouring Line

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

Automatic glaze pouring line is a ring-type

structure and consists of automatic

conveying, ware de-dusting, sprinkler

systems, pouring booths and foot de-

glazing device to make the whole glazing

process more productive. Through the

continuous circulating conveyor line and


Detail display

Automatic Glaze Pouring Line


glaze recycling system, the back and front sides of articles can be automatically and quickly glazed at one time, while a few labors only need to put on, turn over and

collect articles in some positions. It has the advantages of space-saving, low

workload and labor force, high consistency of output and quality. It can be also

connected with other conveying systems such as belt conveyors, circular transport

line or hanging storage baskets to transfer the glazed articles to the next production

stage in a more convenient way.