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Ring-type Auto Glaze Spraying Line

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

Ring-type auto glaze spraying line can be

designed for single firing or double firing

ceramic production. According to customers’

requirement and specification, it can be

installed pre-heater, spray booth, drying and

cooling, holder washing systems, etc. Of

course, same as other types of auto spraying



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Ring-type Auto Glaze Spraying Line


line, it can be also equipped with the glaze reclaimed and recycling systems for saving the cost of waste glaze materials. In addition, not only ordinary

ware holders but also suspension hangers can be adopted to spraying flatware, hollowware, spoons or ornaments. Owing to the advantage of its small

to medium-sized structure, customers can save factory space and arrange a better equipment layout for their production. Automatic process can reduce

labor force and improve the production quality and quantity as well. 

HPRG Spraying Line, Output: 12~24pcs/min ; Overall Dimension: L 9800 x W 3660 x H 2400mm ; Power:7kW.