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Auto Glaze Sprayer

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online


· Human-Computer Interface

· Memory Storage

· Overall & Partial Spraying

· Color & Fantasy Glazing

· Environmentally-friendly Dedusting

· Glaze Reclaimed

· Flexible for Batch Production


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Auto Glaze Sprayer



The auto glaze sprayer is developed for the

application of glaze onto many shapes and

sizes of dinnerware articles with consistent

result. We can utilize a number of auto glaze

sprayers to replace some of the human

sprayers to work on common types of products

so as to make the glazing simpler and quicker

than conventional methods. The auto sprayer

can achieve the inner and outer glazing, and

even partial glaze effects like “decorative

glaze” or “snowflake glaze”. The machine

can be combined with other collaborative

equipment in the production process, such as

robotic ware transfer, edge banding machine,glaze dipping machine, belt conveyors, de-

glazing belts, and so forth to form a continuous production line for further improvement of efficiency and output.