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Intelligent Spraying Workstation

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online


· Auto Spraying Robot

· VI & 3D Laser Measuring System

· Auto Programming & Memory Storage

· Material Feeding & Recovery

· Dynamic Flow & Pressure Control System


The advantage of the VI Sprayer is that when

the biscuit (or clayware) is put into the spray

booth, the VI and laser measuring system will

detect the type and dimensions of the

product, and upload the data to the central

control system. CPU will automatically

calculate and generate the spraying trajectory



Detail display


Intelligent Spraying Workstation



and the operating frequency of the robotic sprayer according to the required settings already input in the system, and instruct the robot to complete

the whole spraying work by itself. For the same products, the system can repeat the operation and record the number of spraying times. When the

product changes, the system will start the calculation program again to generate new parameters and instruct the robot to complete the new spraying


Through the accumulated data records, the spraying work can become much easy and intelligent, and the ordinary robots can be free from the manual

manipulation. Not only can this help us enhance the production efficiency, but also reduce the labor costs and our dependence on work force. The

program can automatically learn any kind of product which have been sprayed. While we are going to produce the same type of product, the system

will retrieve the record and operate in the same way, which realizes the truly intelligent spraying. The technology of AI spraying is a significant

breakthrough in China and can reach to the global trend; and most importantly, by the accumulation of database and technical experience, it can lay the

foundation for the future intelligent ceramic factory.

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