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High-speed Dryer with Hanging Tray Basket

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

The high-speed hanging dryer with circular

conveyor system can help greenwares dry

themselves in the half-closed drying

chamber. There are upper and lower layers

for circulation. The Lower layer is for the

demould drying purpose. And after the first

circulation of the lower layer, the



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High-speed Dryer with Hanging Tray Basket


greenwares can be released from moulds, and go through the upper layer for the

body drying. Finally, after another circulation, greenwares will be dried enough with

3~5% body moisture content, and can be easily fettled and sponged.

Since both upper and lower layers use wind circulation control, the temperatures of

upper and lower chambers can be set or adjusted according to actual drying

requirements, which improves the mould life cycle and the drying efficiency. The



operation is quite simple and practical. The upper chamber adopts VFD (variable-frequency drive) or AFD (adjustable-frequency drive) to meet different requirements or changes of items. The lower chamber adopts Time-Delay Relays to control the dryer’s output in accordance with the output of

forming machine which is suitable for a variety of products.

This equipment is floor-mounted structure with the drying chambers standing vertically at a height of 3.75 meters on the ground, so it has the

advantages of compact integration, space saving and easy maintenance. 

The design of internal hot air pipes is the advanced German internally circulated blowing method. The hot air from the hot-blast stove is blown into the

upper wind box by an efficient ID fan (induced draft fan), and then get through diversion holes to the drying chamber. 

Waste heat is recycled to rectangular wind storage pipes by numerous cone exhaust fans which are located on the top of the equipment, and then

blown into the lower wind box by another ID fan. So, finally, the recycled hot and humid air will be evenly blown to greenwares for the body drying

purpose, which makes a balance of moisture and thermal diffusion and also protects greenwares from cracking.

The bottom of the equipment has inlet pipes to suction excess heat or humid air back to the entrance of the stove for an economically recycling


The energy-saving advantage of the equipment is the function of gas-water separation. The main composition of gas is methane which in

some circumstances reacts with water vapor (generating CO and H2O). While CO goes through secondary combustion, water vapor will be blown to the

lower temperature area and form water droplets. Therefore, the purpose of gas-water separation will be completed. With the cycling keep running, the

demoulding efficiency will be greatly improved. Besides, throughout the whole process, constant wind flowing and stirring can exchange or exhaust

humid air. Without loss of waste heat, energy saving will be done. 

In order to improve the drying efficiency and prolong mould life cycle, we also add air blowers at corresponding greenware positions to make full use of

heat energy in some models of machine (particularly length extended). 

In addition, the wind box is made by aluminum plate, and diversion holes are corresponded to positions of blower. The hot blast stove is installed with

advanced automatic flameout alarm device and PID temperature control system, which can make sure of safe production, intelligent temperature

control, air/gas ratio control, and gas-water separation application, which achieves the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions (by 40%).

So, the equipment is quite suitable and practical for nowadays’ low carbon economy.