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Multi-station Auto Glaze Sprayer

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

Multi-station automatic glaze spraying

machine along with the user-friendly PLC

touch-screen and memory retrieval system

can make the glazing production more

simple, efficient and effective. Compared

with traditional hand-spraying method,

multi-station auto glaze spraying machine


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Multi-station Auto Glaze Sprayer



can not only reduce workforce and workloads but also improve quality and output. It is

also installed with de-dusting and glaze reclaimed system so that most of used glaze can

be recycled in avoid of environmental contamination. Importantly, it is very

suitable for batch production (multiple type of products with small quantity for each

one) and can cooperate with other glaze-related machines to become a collaborative

glazing production line. For instance, we can use two multi-station auto glaze spraying

machines, belt conveyors and auto foot de-glazing machine with two lane differential

speed belts to form a complete glazing production line to increase the efficiency of

glazing effect of the whole article. It has already widely applied in the ceramic

dinnerware production nowadays.