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Auto Glaze Spraying Line for High Temp. Fired Biscuit

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

The auto glaze spraying line for high-

temperature firing biscuit is a modern auto

glazing line including conveying, pre-heating,

glaze spraying, drying, cooling, and washing

system for ware holders, etc. It has the

advantages of consistent glazing effect and

output, and is installed with glaze reclaimed &



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Auto Glaze Spraying Line for High Temp. Fired Biscuit


recycling system for the benefit of environmental protection. The auto glaze spraying

line can be collaborated with robots and VI system to act in a more intelligent

method. There is no need for manual adjustment of spray guns, because the functions of

3D measurement and spray gun with auto-adjusting servo system can automatically

complete any change of production. The manipulators for ware transferring before or

after glazed and the dynamic control system for the fluid output and atomizing air

pressure can also realize the automatic adjustment for different parts of the article in the

spraying process so as to make the glazing unit more flexible for batch production.