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Auto Glaze Spraying Line for Clayware & Low Temp. Fired Biscuit

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

Auto glaze spraying line for clayware and low-

temperature firing biscuit includes drive

mechanism, mainframe, de-dusting, water

spraying, glaze spraying, dryer, ware holders,

washing and drying devices for holders, etc. It

is a kind of advanced auto glazing line for

clayware or low-temperature firing biscuit for


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Auto Glaze Spraying Line for Clayware & Low Temp. Fired Biscuit



the benefit of efficient production, labor-saving and cost-saving purposes. In order to

further improve the production quality and flexibility, the auto glaze spraying line can be

also installed with other collaborative technological or robotic mechanisms, such as

using different manipulator arms for effective automated operations of spraying,

transferring, foot de-glazing, etc.