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Semi-auto Casting and Drying Line with Swing Tray

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

The casting line consists of transport chains,

swing link buckets conveyors, auto casting

guns (movable), manual handle for slip

pour-out, plaster mould drying, greenware

drying, hot air system, and pressure storage

tank, etc. It has the functions of auto-

delivery, auto-casting, casting level sensor

control, efficiently manual pour-out and

mould opening and closing, plaster mould

drying, and greenware drying. Compared

with normal hand-casting method, the

casting line has the benefits of lower



Detail display


Semi-auto Casting and Drying Line with Swing Tray


workload intensity, fewer mould quantity, and the integration of casting and drying


This kind of semi-auto casting equipment can be customized according to customer’s