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Auto Centrifugal Casting Line

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

Unlike the traditionally manual casting and clay slurry releasing method, the HIPHOENIX centrifugal casting equipment designed for the hollowware has its own auto casting system & gun self-lifting mechanism, and can perform the important process of multi-angle mold turnover and slurry releasing. In particular, the Lazy Susan of mold station on the workbench can automatically rotate at the same time while casting, which effectively improves the greenware quality and yield. The casting system can automatically move to each workbench for clay slurry casting, and the then the mechanical structure on the workbench carries out mold turnover for slurry releasing according to the PLC time setting. All the worker needs to do is just opening and closing the molds, taking the greenwares out, and tightening the fixture device for the molds. This can help decreasing the work time and intensity of labor force, and increasing the production output. Importantly, simultaneous clay slurry casting and releasing of the production molds will be beneficial for the consistency of greenware quality.



  • Compact design & Space saving.
  • Easy clean & Convenient maintenance.
  • Improvement per capita output.
  • Multi types of products on line for small or large batch operation.
  • Flexible & Simplified centrifugal ceramic casting equipment.
  • Solutions for most realistic defects of current auto casting equipment on the market, such as complex structure, difficult program, uneasy production change, and hard to clean, repair or maintenance, etc.


Main Parameters:

  • Dimensions L*W*H=7500*3810*3000mm (single)
  • 4 casting workbenches per 1 production line
  • 1 worker in charge of 2 production lines (total 8 workbenches)
  • Mold Capacity: 128-160sets (16-20sets/workbench per customization)
  • Mold Size L*W=148*156mm-198*206mm
  • Height of Mold ≤270mm
  • Mold Rotation Φ 190-240mm
  • Lazy Susan Φ 232-282mm
  • Avg. Output: 1.2-1.5pcs/min
  • Max Output: 760-960pcs/day per person (if 6 casting cycle)
  • Power Capacity: 6kW

Auto Centrifugal Casting Line