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Pulse Type Filter Cartridge Dust Collector

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

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LTCC-4S PLUS is made of SUS304 material and equipped with air distribution board, polyester filter cartridge, air storage tank, pulse solenoid valve, rotary ash remover, dust container, low-noise multi-blade centrifugal fan, electronic control device and cabinet. The static/dynamic dedusting effect of the filter cartridge is ≥ 99.8%, which can efficiently collect and remove dust so that the dust concentration from the exhaust outlet is ≤ 30g/m3. Even under the humid environment, the hydrophobicity of filter material for water treatment can meet the standard of water contamination of fabrics GB/T4745-1997, protecting the life cycle of filter cartridge. That is why LTCC-4S PLUS can be appropriately in conjunction with spray booth for the positive dedusting result, and make factory achieve increasingly strict environmental protection standard.


Spray Booth & Pulse-Type Dust Collector

Filter Cartridges

Hand Spray Booth for Pigments

LTCC-4S PLUS Dust Collector

Pulse Type Dust Collector with Filter Cartridges

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