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Auto Glaze (Pigment) Spraying Line for Bottle

Creating a New Standard for Global Ceramic Smart Factory

Hiphoenix Online

Auto production equipment can be applied on the glazing production of clayware or low-

temperature firing biscuit of bottles.

HIPHOENIX can customize appropriate auto

bottle production unit for glazing and pigment

spraying so that customers can strengthen

their production capacity and quality in order



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Auto Glaze (Pigment) Spraying Line for Bottle


to get better business competitiveness in the market. This kind of equipment is

suitable for bottle to be fully or partially sprayed, and can be installed with other

auxiliaries such as heating, drying and cooling systems to make the whole process

operate efficient and convenient. Inner glazing or double color glazing machine is

also available in conjunction with the glazing production line in a more intelligently

operative way.