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Ceramic Processing Technology

Ceramic materials with high strength, high hardness, low density, low expansion coefficient and excellent properties such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and chemical stability have become new engineering materials widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, instrumentation, mechanical manufacturing and nuclear industry. However, due to the characteristics of high brittleness, low fracture toughness and close elastic limit and strength of ceramics, the processing of ceramics is very difficult. A slight improper processing method will lead to the destruction of the surface structure of the workpiece, and it is difficult to achieve high precision, high efficiency and high reliability processing, thus limiting the processing. The application scope of ceramic materials is further expanded. In order to meet the increasing demand for brittle materials such as fine ceramics, optical glasses, crystals, quartz, silicon and germanium wafers in recent years, based on the mature processing technology of ceramic materials, the processing technology of ceramic materials with high precision, high efficiency and high surface integrity is further studied and developed. Skills are particularly urgent.